Two Australian scientists invented the machine to recycle plastic waste

Two Australian scientists believe that they have invented the technological way to recycle all types of plastic. Len Humphrey and Sydney University professor Thomas Maschmeyer spoke with Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Tuesday. The patented device they made can process plastic, which is currently hard to recycle. Australian citizens throw out 3.5 million tonnes of plastic each year. They only recycle 10% of plastic. They burn or bury the rest of the plastic. Australia even ships some of its plastic waste overseas. However, Chine refused to recycle the waste coming from Australia. Hence, Australia needed a strong solution to deal with the waste.

The newly patented machine can convert the plastic into fuel or remake new plastic through the chemical process. Moreover, the machine can break the plastic at the molecular level and turn it back into oil. Humphreys said to ABC, “We are simply converting the plastic into liquids or into the chemicals they came from.” Moreover, the machine can convert plastic into petrol or bitumen. The pair of scientists made the machine to transform one form of plastic into the other form. This machine will undoubtedly be a blessing for Australia.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation noted that the process is different from the manual recycling. The machine does not require one to separate different types and colors of plastic. Also, the machine can even recycle everything from milk cartons and wetsuits. The company Licella wants to bring this machine into the market in the United Kingdom. The reason for choosing the UK to release the product is due to its environmental policies. The UK has more favorable environmental policies than Australia. Australia cut down on its plastic bag usage by 80% in 3 months in 2018. This technology will improve the waste recycling percentage of Australia and countries around it.

Lori Mayes