Vice Presidency of Biden Administration Appoints John Adams

My country in its wisdom has thought for me the most insignificant position that the inventiveness of man has ever devised or has conceived his imagination, Such a resounding definition of the vice presidency of the United States is the work of none other than John Adams.

The first person to hold it Following him over the years, many of his successors have helped to define the contours of the classic vision of one of the most vilified elected officials.

Thus, John Nance Garner, first vice president of Franklin D. Roosevelt, said that the position “is not worth a bucket of hot pee”, and Harry Truman, who only held it 82 days before the death of Roosevelt himself opened the doors of the White House.

He said that all his predecessors “were as useful as the fifth nipple of a cow.” And yet, three months intoAn election that many see as the most momentous in the modern history of a country shaken by crises, the appointment of his ticket partner is awaited as the most momentous decision of all the Democratic candidate Joe Biden has made so far.

The vice presidency of a hypothetical Biden Administration, unless the candidate decides to breach an electoral promise before winning the election, will be the first woman in history to hold the position.

Beyond that, certainties are scarce. The convenience for the Democratic Party to capitalize on the movement for racial justice that has rocked the country in recent months has placed many African Americans and Latinas at the top of the pools.

From experts and veterans like Senator and former primary rival Kamala Harrisor former National Security Councilor Susan Rice, to more emerging figures such as California Congresswoman Karen Bass or Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

There is also talk of Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is white but would allow Biden to strengthen ties with the left wing of the party, another factor to take into account in a decision, eagerly awaited in Washington, that the candidate is reluctant to make. But it must be done before the Democratic convention on August 17.

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